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                    We guide our clients through the Path Forward Circle For Success 
                 process of discovering your life purpose, what you value, who you are,
                   what motivates and “de-motivates” you, unique problems you face,
                               and how to manage your time effectively. 
                  Using this self-knowledge as a foundation for action, we are dedicated 
       to helping our clients to be self-motivated to achieve your individually defined goals
                                        and to be...   the best you can be. 
                             We strive to help our clients develop your natural abilities
                    and learn how to overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles
                                                   you face on your path. 

                  We deal with all areas of our client's life including school and career, 
                      social groups, relationships, family, health, and spirituality. 
                At the same time that we are working with our clients we offer workshops
          and training for parents and counselors so that everyone in our client's community
                 is involved and supportive of your self-discovery and actualization process.