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                           Youth Workshops
     In a world of seemingly endless choices and constant pressure to perform, 
          Young Adults and Late Teens are repeatedly confronted with a wide array
             of decisions for which they are often ill prepared to make. 
      One effect of this situation is that you often feel isolated from your peers 
              who are also scrambling to get a grip on what life has in store for them. 
                      The Path Forward workshops for Young Adults and Teens 
                         are designed to bring youth together to learn and experience 
                             what is important to you and ways to get out 
                                 of the ruts you often find yourselfs in with others 
                                    that are struggling with the same issues. 

       A particular advantage of the workshops is that the participants 
             are in a group of peers that is different from your own peer groups. 
                The effect of this is that you get very fresh views on about yourselfs 
                    and others that allows you to feel like you are a part of something ...
                       ................... bigger than yourselves. 
        These fresh views open path ways that you may not have considered 
              and opens the sense of options for your own life. 
        The workshops are a combination of brief lectures from staff on the topics 
              at hand and a variety of engaging and fun exercises 
                      that stimulate thought and positive change.