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          From Parenting To Coaching Attitude
               The Path Forward parent coaching workshops are designed to help parents shift 
           from a parenting to a coaching attitude. This attitude leads parents have a greater respect
           and awarness of their Young Adults and Teens wisdom about the many issues they face, 
           the decisions they must make and the actions they must take to insure 
           that they become engaged in what truly sparks their passion.
               This passion, based on deep self-knowledge is the fuel for committing to  
           and accomplishing those tasks that will lead to success in the truest sense of the word. 
           Success is defined by us as knowing and then striving to be the best they can be 
           at whatever they choose to pursue.    

               In the workshop parents will learn to: 
           *  Assume a coaching attitude with their youth that focuses on the youth's 
                  innate wisdom and competence.  
           *  Help parents them "know themselves" by focusing on their sense of life purpose, 
                  values, goals etc
           *  Provide parents with other basic coaching tools to help them communicate 
                  with their Young Adults and Teens in support of them becoming their unique selves
                     and be the best they can be.

           *  Help inspire and motivate their Young Adults and Teens to be the best they can be 
           *  Enhance youth/parent relationships towards greater cooperation and mutual connection 
           *  Open lines of “safe” communication creating more trusting and meaningful relationships 
           *  Provide a common language for working on life issues and goals
           *  Seek out and support the wisdom and self-esteem in their “whole” child 
           *  Learn to champion your child's unique gifts, dreams and goals 
           *  Learn about their own purpose, values, and goals 
                  and then act on them as a role model for their young adult or teen
                Some of the attitude and beliefs that youth need to experience 
                  from their parents that will increase the possibility for them 
     to take on the challenge to find their truly unique path and seek to fulfill it are: 
                                      If you RESPECT me, I will hear you 

                              If you LISTEN to me, I will feel understood 

                           If you UNDERSTAND me, I will feel appreciated 

                          If you APPRECIATE ME, I will know your support
                If you SUPPORT me as I try new things, I will become response-able                 

                                         When I am RESPONSE-ABLE, 
                  I will grow to be independent, content and successful in my life
            In my INDEPENDENCE, I will respect you and love you all of my life.