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                     Counselor & Teacher 
         How often have we heard that students and young adults feel that no one really cares      
     about what day as individuals need to in the way of life counseling 
     (especially if they are not college-bound).       
        The statistics on the ratios of students to counselors in our high schools are astounding.       
     They range from 1:338 to 1:1000. With this in mind it is no wonder that nearly 55% 
     of exiting high school students report that they did not receive any real      
     one-on-one counseling to guide them along their unique path.            
         Many school counselors with whom we have consulted have also expressed great frustration       
     at not having the time or skills to serve (individual students) as adequately as they would like.       
     While standardized vocational testing may be of help to some students            
     (mainly those that already have an idea of where they are going) without intensive counseling       
     interaction and support we know from research that such testing may not be very helpful and
     by and large may be a waste of time and energy. 
         Students have told us time and again that they feel as though they are just numbers. 
     This depersonalization leaves the frustrated with their desires to be the best they can be 
     and to experience the confidence that comes with personal awareness, understanding, 
     commitment and success. 
         In response to this situation Path Forward offers workshops and trainings especially designed
     for counselors and teachers to assist them in giving the best support they can under the difficult 
     taxing conditions in which they must work with youth. Our goal is to share attitudes and 
     skills that will further enable them to provide efficient, targeted support and coaching 
     to those students that are particularly in need of this unique guidance. 
     Of course, we focus on the Pro-Active approach that we ourselves use.
       This workshop will focus on: