More Resources
           to Motivation and Success! 
  1.    One of the Best Graduation Speeches Ever:    
               By Steven Jobs 
       Truly an inspirational speech for anyone of any age. 
           Steven clearly found and took his very own path in life. 
  2.       The Alchemist:  
                By Peter Coelho 
           A fabulous story that is fun to read and brings the message that each of us
           must follow our own path and response to the opportunities and obstacles 
           that may get in our way.  
  3.      Do You!--12 Laws to Access the Power in YOU to achieve Happiness and Success: 
                By Richard Simmons 
           Raising himself from the street Richard Simmons has dedicated his life 
           not only to being a phenomenal business success story by realizing the potential
           of hip-hop music and style but to help all those that will listen to his message. 
 4.      The Seven Acts of Courage:
                By Robert E. Staub II
           Very easy to read book that will help you be more clear about your life
           and how to make it work for you. 
   5.     Do It! Let's Get Off Our But's:
                By Peter McWilliams
           Large book with lots of helpful exercises that tells about getting yourself
           motivated and taking action. The writing style is entertaining and engaging.