Our values in short 
  1. SUCCESS is the feeling of contentment and satisfaction you get when 
       you are doing the best you can do and being the best that you can be! 
  2. Each of us has within us the knowledge about our life purpose and values 
       that only need to be brought out into our awareness. 
          There is no path that is right for everyone. 
  3. We all have our own path to follow in life.
       Knowing what you want, what your strengths and weaknesses are 
          and being committed to your goals is the best path to success. 
  4. Giving to others is absolutely essential for getting. 
       Giving makes us feel larger, increases our self-esteem 
          and stimulates “happy” chemicals in our brain 
  5. Failure is opportunity. 
       Anyone that hasn't failed, simply has never tried. 
         You cannot either succeed or fail without trying

  6. Your relationships with people around you are key to joyful living. 
  7. As you begin to live your vision and meet your goals you will find more 
       and more people showing up in your life that are going somewhere too! 
         And then it only gets better! 
  8. The job of life coach is to support each client in achieving the goals 
       THEY want in part by assisting them to be accountable to themselves. 
         Coaches are not experts telling you how to live your life.