Our Services              
                      In our efforts to assist our clients directly and with the support 
                       of the important people in your lives to discover who you are, 
            make the best decision you can and then take affirmative action for yourselves 
                                                 we offer an array of services. 
     °  One-on-One Pro-Active for Young Adults and Teens Coaching
                 Coaching with a trained professional, which includes completing the investigation
                     of who you are and what is important to you
                        through traveling the Path Forward Circle For Success  
      °  One-on-One Pro-Active for Parents 
                This program is for parents and teachers who want to be more active in the coaching 
                    experience with their Young Adults and Teens.
                        Prerequisite for this program is attendance at the appropriate workshop. 
      ° Workshops For Youth 
          Workshops for youth that focus on topics such as life purpose, values, goals, motivation, 
                    obstacles that block their success, time management and commitment. 
      ° Youth Coaching TEAM groups 
                 Serve as a consistent place for youth to work together 
                    to support each others growth and development.
           °  Parent to Coaches Workshops 
                 To help parents re-tool themselves to shift from your parenting role
                    to an attitude of Pro-Active coaching. 

           °  Workshops & Trainings for Teachers and School Counselors 
                 To assist you using the powerful languageand techniques of coaching for working 
                     with the youth that are in your care and develop criteria for assessing and selecting 
                        those students most in need of coaching or mentoring.