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                How Path Forward Works 
                         Giant steps to your successful future! 
                    Through the Path Forward Pro-Active coaching process you can discover
                             what you really want at this time in your life and reach for it.
                  Some of the issues that young adult and teen clients have worked towards 
                                               are listed at the end of this page: 
     The Process 
Step 1: Please fill out and email, fax or snail mail  Client Information Form 
 Initial Client Preparation Form and the Individual Client Interview Form
... to Path Forward  
Step 2:  These three forms you completed and sent in will be studied by your coach
                 are useful because they help him/her get to know you more quickly
                   and let him/her know how you want to be coached. 
                   Also, the questions on the forms are the first steps that lead you 
                                 to better understanding of who you really are, 
                   what you really want and what you feel you feel you need help with. 
Step 3: In the 2 hour initial interview you and your coach work together to: 
Step 4: Sessions following the initial assessment session: 

Improving their relationships (romantic or otherwise)

Losing weight and getting in shape

Deciding on the right college and courses

Find the motivation to stick with their goals


Finding the right job that is leading them to a better future


Spending less time “hanging out” and more time achieving their goals


Getting a better social life with more friends


Finding their life purpose, values and goals and then making them happen


Managing their time to be more effective and less stressed out


Overcoming destructive emotions like depression, anxiety, and anger



Finding a life balance of fun and work—finding excitement in their whole life


Find a path after drug rehab to keep them sober, content and moving towards a happier life

Managing their money better

Handling conflicts with friends, family, teachers and others

Building self-esteem and feeling of empowerment


Being happy and serious at the same time

    Deciding what
            to do 
   after high school 

Coping with family problems

Finding their life passion and following their heart to success


Improving their performance in school, sports, and work