Coaching Preparation Form
                            Please fill out this OnLine version  form and "Submit" it to us.  
                         You may alternatively use the Print version and simply mail it.  
Preparing for the coaching session will allow you to optimize your results and our time together. 
                Before the session, you may wish to answer the following questions: 
      First    MI      Last  

                 1.  How am I, today, right now? How has my week been?

              2. What do I want to get out of the call today? 
                  3. What action did I take since our last session? What were my wins/challenges?
             4. What do I have to report? What do I want to be held accountable for?
                   5. What issues do I want to deepen on our call today?
                          What are the challenges,concerns,achievements, 
                              or areas of learning to be addressed? 
                  6. Debrief last week's inquiry: 
                  7. What else? 
         ***  ***