Intital Interview Preparation Questions 
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                            You may alternatively use the Print version and simply mail it. 
           To prepare for our first meeting, please take time to ponder 
                                             and then answer the following questions.  
                                 They are intended to begin the process of inquiry,
                                      reflection, learning, and forward movement. 
                        Don't worry that the answers are perfect or that they are final, 
              they will probably change as we go through the Pro-Active coaching process. 
       First  MI   Last 
                   About Your Life and Career?

                       1.  What are you most proud of about yourself? 

                       2.  What has been your biggest disappointment in your life?

                      3.  How would you describe your satisfaction with your life direction so far?

                      4.  What words describe how you feel about your career (job, school, social life)?  
                       5.  What is the compliment or acknowledgment you hear most often about yourself?
                      6.  What dream of yours is still unfulfilled?
                       7.  What words describe you when you are at your best? 

                       8.  What words describe you when you are at less than your best?

                       9.  What activities have meaning and heart for you?
                     10. Imagine you can have one wish fulfilled. What one thing would you change?  

                          About Coaching You? 

                      1.  What will make this coaching relationship rewarding for you? 

                      2.  What is most important for the coach to do or say that will encourage or motivate you? 

                       3.  What would your coach say or do that would discourage or de-motivate you?

                      4.  How will you know you are receiving value from this coaching relationship? 

                      5. What else would you like your coach to know about you? 
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